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Debbie Roberts.

During her over 30 year bookkeeping career, the Australian made every business mistake in the book.

But, the key was she learned from them and the global bookkeeping community would benefit.


Thanks to Debbie's chance meeting with a business coach, Peter Cook, at a networking event in the early 2000s, he'd suggest she use all her learnings to create systems in her business.

Eventually they'd form a company called Pure Bookkeeping then develop The Pure Bookkeeping System which is helping hundreds of bookkeepers over 3 continents.

Today, Debbie is an inspiring success story after selling her original bookkeeping business for a high 6-figure amount in 2014.

In this  interview, you’ll learn...

  • The one question that Debbie asked herself every time she made mistakes with her business

  • Why it's crucial to have systems in place before hiring new staff

  • And why it's critical to not be afraid to communicate with current clients when changes in your business are on the horizon

To find out more about Debbie and Pure Bookkeeping, you can visit any of the below:

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