EP54: Tammy Christiansen - How To Empower & Appreciate Your Bookkeeping Staff

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Let's face it.

Without your team members, you'd likely be drowning in client work right now.

But, fortunately, you have great people working with you that believe in you and your company and are providing terrific results.

Sometimes, though, things can get busy and, as a business owner, you might forget to let your staff know how grateful you are for their efforts.

It's important to acknowledge their excellence and help them grow in their roles.

Our guest, Tammy Christiansen of Aeble Business Services realizes this and has seen her business prosper as a result of taking care of her staff.

It truly does make a difference.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Why you should allow your staff to make some decisions to improve the business while you have the final say
  • Why you must encourage and support your team through good and bad times
  • Why you should consider investing in your staff by having them take courses & other education

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EP53: Amy Hooke - Why You Should Join A Bookkeeping Community

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You don't need to be alone.

As a bookkeeper, it's pretty easy to isolate yourself especially if you're a solo practice working from home.

For some, they don't even realize how big of a community of bookkeepers there is in the world.

Our guest, a marketing and branding expert for bookkeepers, Amy Hooke had no idea.

In the early days of her bookkeeping business, she was too busy dealing with terrible clients to notice.

But, that all changed for the better.

Today, she's a part of a supportive group of bookkeepers that give her the confidence she never had before.

Being with these like-minded people definitely changed her world for the better.

Joining a bookkeeping community can do the same for you.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How fellow bookkeepers can point out the positives in you that you never knew you had
  • How a bookkeeping community can provide good advice when you're dealing with client issues
  • Why you should find ways to pay it forward to your bookkeeper friends

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EP52: John Jantsch - How To Profitably Systemize Your Marketing

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Predictable and repeatable.

It might sound boring, but when it comes to creating systems, that's what you want in order to ensure you and your staff create the same positive result over and over again.

Your marketing is no different.

Today's guest, John Jantsch, the author of the popular book, Duct Tape Marketing, has some tips on how you can fine tune your marketing efforts.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The power of building a 90-day plan from your marketing strategy
  • Why it's important to know who your ideal clients are & what your core promise is to them
  • The importance of focus and delegation when creating your marketing system

To learn more about John, go here.

EP51: Debbie Roberts - How To Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Episode 51 - TSBK - Debbie Roberts.png

What if you fail?

That question has crossed the minds of many bookkeepers when first starting their businesses.

It's perfectly normal and it's something that our return guest, Debbie Roberts asked herself in the beginning.

She was concerned that if her bookkeeping services weren't good, her reputation would be damaged and that would affect her business. It scared her that, as a small business owner, she didn't have any backup.

Fortunately, for her and bookkeepers worldwide, the co-founder of Pure Bookkeeping and co-author of The E-Myth Bookkeeper overcame her fears and became a tremendous success.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why having small wins through bite-sizeable, manageable & planned actions can give you confidence
  • The importance of realizing your mind usually makes your concerns worse than what they seem
  • How the weaknesses in your personal life can hold you back in your business if you let them

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EP50: Siobhan Harrop-Scott - How To Create Great Relationships with Clients, Referrals & Staff

Are you introverted?

If so, you're not alone.

Many bookkeepers are.

But, what if there were ways to be more at ease around people and have win-win partnerships with them?

Today's guest, Siobhan Harrop-Scott of Harrop Scott & Associates Ltd., has some ideas that just might help.

Through her bookkeeping business, she's developed hundreds of connections and has become a terrific leader for her staff.

During this insightful interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of listening and taking notes when speaking with people and having a system to record that information for future meetings 
  • Why you must be supportive and consistent in your daily communication with your staff
  • Why building positive relationships are good for relieving stress

To learn more about Siobhan, visit here.

EP49: Katrina Aarsman - Why Facebook, LinkedIn & Joint Venturing Can Be Powerful Marketing Tools


How do they hear about your bookkeeping business?

Do you do in-person networking? Do you advertise in local media? Do you solely use referrals?

Our guest, Katrina Aarsman, who is from Melbourne, Australia and is the owner of Bookkeepers HQ where she mentors bookkeepers, has some strategies that you can add to your marketing basket.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How joining business-focused Facebook groups and providing value to those audiences can lead to sales
  • How using the LinkedIn advanced search engine can connect you with your ideal clients
  • How leveraging a joint venture referral partnership with someone you know, like and trust can become profitable

To learn more about Katrina, visit here

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If you'd like to email her, you can do so at info@bookkeepershq.com.au.

EP48: Peter Broberg - The 5 Purchases That Can Transform Your Bookkeeping Business


For your bookkeeping business to be successful, you'll need to invest money into products, programs, systems and tools to ensure your operation has all the resources it needs to deliver great service to your clients.

This reality is one our guest, Peter Broberg of Monitor Bookkeeping Services based in Perth, Australia, accepted and has never looked back.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The value of buying a proven and pre-made system that allows you to focus on your business instead of reinventing the wheel
  • Why exploring fixed pricing can be a game-changer and who you should research to implement it properly
  • The importance of always looking for ways to automate your enterprise to increase its efficiency and productivity

To learn more about Peter, visit here.

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To email Peter, send your note to peter@monitorbookkeeping.com.au.

EP47: Debbie Roberts - How To Overcome Your Fears & Grow Your Startup Bookkeeping Practice

Starting out is always scary.

There are so many unknowns which makes it incredibly easy to stay in your comfort zone and not take any chances.

Our special return guest today, the lovely and talented, Debbie Roberts of Pure Bookkeeping, remembers what those times were like.

Fortunately, with the help of her longtime business coach and co-founder of PB, Peter Cook, she overcame those fears and realized her true potential as a successful bookkeeping business owner.

For those of you who are just beginning your bookkeeping entrepreneurial journey, don't worry, Debbie is about to give you some golden tips to help you through the bumps.

During this inspiring interview, you'll learn...

  • How to increase your confidence when speaking with accountants and prospects
  • The importance of leaning on qualified mentors to ask questions and advice to avoid mistakes
  • Why practice and preparation will always serve you well when marketing yourself to others

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EP46: Bob Wang - Hiring Tips To Attract Great Bookkeeping Staff

Hiring mistakes.

Unfortunately, many bookkeeping business owners make them.

Those poor decisions likely cause emotional and financial stress in addition to the large amount of time used to mop up the bookkeeping messes of those you thought could do the job.

One man who has cracked the code on how to hire great and loyal staff is our guest today, Bob Wang.

He is the owner of Legacy Advantage which has 16 staff and will make $1 million in sales this year.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of building a powerful company vision that will inspire others to want to be on your team
  • Why having the right culture fit is a huge requirement when hiring someone new
  • How to craft an effective and unique job advertisement that will attract your ideal future employees

To learn more about Bob and his company, visit here.

EP45: Ingrid Edstrom - How To Find Your Profitable Bookkeeping Client Niche

Who do you want to work with?

If you answered, “EVERYONE.”

That could likely cost you.

Many bookkeepers don't have a clear niche of clients they focus on and, as a result, they likely accept any new customers that walk through the door.

Unfortunately, that thinking can attract potentially bad clients who are not a fit.

By not taking the time to identify what type of client would be ideal from a financial and personality standpoint for you, accepting “EVERYONE” can lead to increased headaches, stress and payment issues.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Our guest, Ingrid Edstrom pointed out that in 2015, her bookkeeping company, Polymath, had 96 clients, but after finding a profitable niche, it now serves only 30, but it makes double the money.

Once you figure out what core group of customers work best, it can be an absolute game-changer in your bookkeeping business.

During this fun and inspiring interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you should focus on an industry niche that you want to work with and that can pay you well
  • What questions to ask yourself to determine your ideal niche clients
  • To not be afraid to refer potential clients who aren't a fit to other bookkeepers

To learn more about Ingrid, visit here

To further explore the Ask A Bookkeeper video series, check out this website.

EP44: Lynne Moore - How To Get The Best Referrals Partnering With Accountants & Clients

Episode 44 - Lynne Moore.png

Be of service.

Usually, you'd think helping your bookkeeping clients would be enough. But, if you want to be truly valuable and generate countless referrals, it pays to be on the good side of accountants as well.

Today's guest, Lynne Moore, who is the owner of LAM Consulting, has mastered the art of attracting the best referrals by being of great value to accountants and her clients.

By assisting both, it has created a profitable business where she doesn't spend a penny on marketing including not even having a website.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • What to ask your new clients in order to connect with their accountants
  • Why it's important to know how accountants want their files prepared
  • Why clients and accountants like when you have a relationship with both sides

To learn more about Lynne, visit here.

Click here to learn how to build profitable relationships with accountants.

EP43: John Warrillow - How To Make Your Bookkeeping Business Built To Sell

Have you made this important decision?

Many bookkeepers haven't.

The decision in question is whether you want your bookkeeping business to make lifestyle income where you trade your time for dollars to hopefully earn $100,000 to $200,000 per year...


You want to grow your business by creating teachable and repeatable systems so it can run without you and eventually be sold to a third party for potentially bigger profits.

Our guest today, John Warrillow, who wrote the book, Built To Sell, feels you should figure out what direction you want to go so you can align the appropriate actions towards achieving your goals before it's too late.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why your profit and loss statement isn't a good business value indicator
  • How to determine if your business is scalable using the Trifecta of Scale
  • The importance of having teachable systems to help your business function without you and be more attractive to potential buyers

To learn more about John, visit here

To explore The Value Builder System, click here.

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To investigate his book, The Automatic Customer, go to this link.

EP42: Alan Salmon - Discover Revealing Details of How Bookkeepers Learn

The classroom.

It was once the main destination where people consumed educational information, but in today's online world, things have changed and bookkeepers are slowly becoming more open to learning in new ways.

Managing Director of K2E Canada Inc. and IPBC board member, Alan Salmon recently conducted a survey that measured how bookkeepers and accountants learn.

It was sent to 10,000 contacts and 990 responded.

The results were fascinating.

During this informative interview, you'll learn...

  • What is the number one online educational tool for bookkeepers
  • How active bookkeepers are in social media groups
  • Whether bookkeepers still consume traditional forms of media

To learn more about Alan, visit here.

To explore his Excel Magic webinar series, click this link.

EP41: Melissa Lenos - How To Attract Non-Stop Bookkeeping Referrals

Are you looking for clients?

If you're just starting your bookkeeping business then you might be.

If you're already up and running then maybe you'd like to add some more business.

A way to do it other than spending thousands of dollars on marketing is to get referrals.

How do you do that?

Our returning guest, Melissa Lenos of King Accounting Solutions, knows how to master this fine art.

She never spends money on advertising because her revenue comes strictly from referrals only.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to turn a conversation with your client's accountant into a new referral partnership
  • Why you should have lunch and learns with senior managers at accounting firms
  • How to leverage BNI to have a 30-50 person sales team for your bookkeeping business

To find out more about Melissa, visit her website.

To investigate The Bookkeepers Referral Machine, click here

To find out more about The Networking Power Pack, explore this link.

EP40: David Cristello - Why Your Process Will Keep Your Bookkeeping Clients Happy


No one likes that in their bookkeeping business.

But, when you don't have a trusted process or system in place for staff to follow which details how your operation works, a tornado of destruction will likely ensue.

This could happen because clear instructions are not given on how things get done, so others will come up with their own solutions which can lead to disaster including some angry clients.

Today, our guest David Cristello, who is the founder of Jetpack Workflow, will offer some suggestions to get you started on systemizing your bookkeeping business.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why it's important to download your brain into a Google Doc
  • Why the quality of your product is dependent on the quality of your process
  • Why you should include your staff in the creation of your systems

To find out more about David, visit here.

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EP39: Scott Friesen - How To Master Your Inbox & Increase Your Productivity


According to our return guest, productivity expert and owner of Simpletivity, Scott Friesen, he says the average professional spends 6.3 hours per day tending to their emails in some capacity.

Those are easily hours that could be dedicated to more important things, but for many reasons we're choosing to be a slave to our inboxes.

Today that's about to end.

It's time you take a stand and Scott will help.

During this informative interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you should space out the time in between checking emails
  • How to turn off your email notifications
  • Why it's important to acknowledge email requests quickly & provide a deadline to address them

To find out more about Scott, visit here.

To view Scott's How To Remove Badge App Icons On Your iPhone Or iPad video, click here.   

To watch Scott's How To Turn Off Outlook Notifications video, explore this link.

To check out Scott's How To Use Trello As A Powerful To-Do List video, investigate here

To learn about Slack, here's the link.

EP38: Tanis Young - How To Handle Isolation When Starting Your Bookkeeping Business

Your home office.

It's the location where many bookkeepers begin their business journey.

It's convenient, affordable and comfortable.

It can also be a lonely place.

Think of the days when you're so swamped with work that you don't even have time to go outside.

Before you know it, you're completely cut off from civilization.

You're essentially on your own little island.

Sound familiar?

Today's guest will help you get a little more balance in your life.

Tanis Young is an Alberta-based bookkeeping business owner who knows what it's like to feel isolated because she experienced it herself when she was starting out.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • How to be intentionally social by actively engaging with your clients' accountants & seeking associations to join
  • Why having a mindset of collaboration can build strong bonds with fellow bookkeepers & clients
  • Why surrounding yourself with top achievers is a must

To find out more about Tanis, visit here.

EP37: Dianne Mueller - The One Tip That Will Keep Your Bookkeeping Business Alive


For bookkeepers, it can be a great thing, but also a scary one.

With all types of automated bookkeeping software and apps out there, some of you might be worried that your services may be obsolete because of new advances in technology.

According to today's guest, the co-founder and chair of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, Dianne Mueller, there is a way to make yourself valuable so you can thrive despite these uncertain times.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • The one mindset shift that will help your business adapt and prosper during this rapidly changing digital age
  • Why you need to get out of your bookkeeping box to expand your network and build strong connections
  • Why you should learn from successful bookkeeping leaders to get where you want to be

To find out more about Dianne and Soma Small Business Solutions, visit here.

To learn about IPBC, visit this link.

EP36: Shep Hyken - How To Deliver Amazing Customer Service

Do you WOW your clients?

If not, you might lose them.

According to our guest, customer service expert and New York Times best-selling author, Shep Hyken, you have to recognize every interaction you have with a client forms an impression, so make it a good one.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The power of gratitude and how it will take your customer service to new heights
  • The importance of truly understanding your clients' needs
  • How to deal with difficult customers in a respectful way

If you'd like to find out more about Shep, visit here.

To access Shep's free Five Ways to Create an Amazing Customer Experience online course for 30 days, click this link. Please use your email address as your username when you setup your account. After that's complete, you may sign in again at www.ShepardVirtualTraining.com. If you need any support or have any questions, you may contact Shep's Client Support at stephanie@hyken.com.

To check out Shep's book, Amaze Ever Customer, Every Time, read this.

EP35: Lisa Campbell-Marchese - How To Organize Your Office & Be More Efficient!

Your office.

Does it look like a tornado whipped through it or is everything organized and tidy?

For some bookkeepers, when life gets hectic, it's pretty tough to keep their desk in order.

Have no fear, today's guest has some great suggestions to help you get on track.

Lisa Campbell-Marchese is the owner of a bookkeeping company called The Marcam Group.

Throughout her 25 years of experience, she had to learn different tricks to handle not only the constant referrals she received and current workload, but she's had to do it all while balancing being a mother too.

She understood things had to change to increase her efficiency and make her work/life balance realistic.

As a result of being open to learning new strategies, she's been very successful and now she'll share some of her golden tips with you.

During this informative interview, you'll discover...

  • Why having 3 monitors in your personal workspace can help you be more productive
  • Why you'll want Jetpack Workflow & Hubdoc to be your new best friends
  • Why having systems is crucial in organizing any part of your life

To find out more about Lisa, visit here

To learn about Jetpack Workflow, click this link.

To read about The E-Myth Bookkeeper, check this out.

To access the Own Your Inbox: Manage E-mail Like An Expert 2-part webinar mentioned in this episode, click Part 1 & Part 2.