Could manufacturing offer a route to bookkeeping success?

You might not consider yourself an expert on all things manufacturing, but this webinar will show you how brushing up on everything production and inventory could help you bring new value to your bookkeeping business.

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Why You Should Consider A Manufacturing Bookkeeping Niche

Manufacture your way to bookkeeping success.

Despite being one of the major global industries, manufacturing is a potential hidden gold mine for accountants and bookkeepers, as business owners need reliable software and seasoned professionals to help keep their numbers in good order.

To delve into this topic, we’re bringing two experts in the field to discuss why it may be a good time to start learning the ropes about manufacturing.  

Shawn Coultice will represent Katana Cloud Manufacturing, a cloud manufacturing platform offering the crucial features manufacturers need, with direct integration to QuickBooks Online and Xero to offer an end-to-end ERP solution for modern businesses. 

Dave Willson represents ProvenCFO, and brings his specialization in the manufacturing space along with accounting knowledge earned over years in the industry to help expand on the advantages of accounting for manufacturing.

During the webinar, Shawn and Dave hope to show you how a manufacturing niche can help you:

  • Increase your billable rates and billable hours
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers
  • Become an expert in a less competitive, underserved industry
  • Add more value to your customers' business
  • Earn recurring revenue based on the solutions you recommend to your client 

Don’t miss the insights and secrets of this exciting Successful Bookkeeper webinar! 

Meet The Hosts

Shawn Coultice
Dave Willson Proven CFO - Katana Webinar headshot

Shawn Coultice

Head of Channel Partnerships, Katana

Shawn has over a decade of experience helping businesses succeed with the right technology in the manufacturing technology space. Driven to solve complex business problems with cloud technology, he has built a growing community of experts that can scale with Katana as a trusted partner.

Dave Willson

Founder & CFO, ProvenCFO

Dave is the CFO of this new age accounting firm with about 25 partners. They help their clients find the right software stack and implement it ― from the perspective of making the accountant’s life easier. The company specializes in accounting systems and how to integrate those with manufacturing and inventory software.


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