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Your unique drive is what paves your way to success. Payworks is thrilled to bring you an exciting webinar tailor-made for ambitious professionals just like you.

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The Pillars of Self-Leadership

Discover the pillars of self-leadership with Payworks’ Learning & Development Team

Leadership is traditionally defined as “the practice of guiding, influencing, & motivating others”… which implies the involvement of at least two people. You know you can lead up, down, and sideways – but can you lead yourself?
Come join Trina Huntley & Maddison Kowalczuk of the Payworks Learning & Development Team to debunk the idea that self-leadership is an oxymoron.
Leading authentically begins with knowing yourself, identifying your desired future, and purposefully working toward it. It spans the determination of what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. It demands that we develop a strong understanding of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and focus on influencing them effectively.
Through this session, you’ll discover the pillars of self-leadership, learn how to interpret and direct your thoughts, and explore your values and beliefs with emotional regulation.
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Meet The Hosts

Trina Huntley headshot

Trina Huntley, PDAL, PCP

Manager, Learning & Development - Human Resources, Payworks

Trina has almost 30 years of experience in customer-facing roles and industries, and is dedicating her career towards formalizing guidance and support around the types of learning, development and coaching that ultimately grow employee engagement and performance.

Maddison Kowalczuk headshot

Maddison Kowalczuk
PDAL, CPHR Candidate, PCP

Senior Learning & Development Specialist, Payworks

Maddison has over a decade of experience in client-facing and Human Resources roles, where she continues to be most rewarded by making meaningful connections with clients and staff and is energized by guiding and witnessing their learning.



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