Discover the Ins & Outs of Inventory Management

Stop struggling to keep your inventory organized in QuickBooks Online! Join our exclusive webinar to gain insights on how to effectively manage inventory, identify the types of inventory, and understand when you may need an inventory management software.

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Managing Inventory in QuickBooks Online

Inventory management doesn’t have to be complex!

To effectively manage inventory in your bookkeeping services and business, you need to know which workflows are better in QuickBooks Online than others, and when you may need another solution.

And to explore this topic, we’re bringing three experts in the field to discuss why now is a good time to start reconsidering your workflows in and around inventory management.

Shawn Coultice, represents Katana Cloud Inventory, a cloud inventory platform offering the crucial features e-commerce businesses need, with direct integration to QuickBooks Online and Xero to offer an end-to-end inventory solution for modern businesses. 

Dan DeLong represents QB Power Hour, bringing his manufacturing and accounting knowledge gained over the years to help expand the advantages of accounting for manufacturing.

Michelle Long, who also represents QB Power Hour, is an active member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network and has developed numerous Intuit Academy courses.

During the webinar, they’ll help you understand:

  • Different types of inventory tracking
  • What workflows are best within QuickBooks Online
  • Which workflows require an inventory management solution

Plus much more!

Start your journey from bookkeeper to a trusted business advisor in this exciting Successful Bookkeeper webinar!

Meet The Hosts

Shawn Coultice
Dan DeLong Headshot

Shawn Coultice

Head of Channel Partnerships, Katana

Shawn has over a decade of experience helping businesses succeed with the right technology in the manufacturing space. Driven to solve complex business problems with cloud technology, he has built a growing community of experts that can scale using Katana as a trusted partner.

Dan DeLong

Co-Host, QB Power Hour

Dan is a seasoned expert with nearly 18 years of invaluable experience from his time at Intuit. He's widely recognized for his role as co-host on the QB Power Hour and Workshop Wednesdays, where he shares his profound insights with the community. In addition to his hosting responsibilities, he serves as the Chief Content Creator and holds the position of Tech Editor for the "QBO for Dummies" series, contributing to multiple editions.

Michelle Long Headshot

Michelle Long

Co-Host, QB Power Hour

Michelle is the co-host of QB Power Hour, an accomplished author, having written five books available on Amazon, and she has developed numerous Intuit Academy courses. Additionally, she is a co-author of the QuickBooks (QB) and QuickBooks Online (QBO) Advanced Certifications.


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