Overcome Bookkeeping Hurdles with Automation

Discover how automation helps reduce errors, save time, improve client communication, and scale your business efficiently!

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Modern Firm Owner's Guide to Overcoming Accounting Hurdles with Automation

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Learn How to Tackle Automation Challenges!

View our exclusive fireside chat with industry experts to explore how automating critical bookkeeping functions can transform your firm. Learn about the latest automation technologies and best practices to improve efficiency and client satisfaction. Discover how to overcome common challenges and integrate automation tools seamlessly into your workflow. 
In this panel, you will hear: 

  • Explore advanced automation tools designed specifically for modern bookkeeping firms.
  • Conquer common obstacles in adopting cutting-edge technologies in your practice.
  • Discover strategies for integrating automation tools into your workflow.

Plus much more!!

It’s a webinar that you'll want to watch!

Meet The Moderator & Speakers


Moderator - Matthew Fulton

Founder, Parkway Business Solutions

Matthew Fulton, Founder of Parkway Business Solutions, is an award-winning educator and accounting innovator.

His expertise bridges the gap between traditional accounting practices and the dynamic needs of modern businesses, thanks to his adept use of technology.

Matthew's dedication to community building is embodied in his creation of QB Community Live, a platform where he champions the philosophy that shared knowledge leads to collective success.

Nick Chandi

Speaker - Nick Chandi

CEO and Co-Founder, Forwardly

Nick Chandi is the CEO and Co-Founder of ForwardAI, the creator of Forwardly, the award-winning instant business payments provider for small businesses and accountants in the United States. As CEO, Nick oversees all levels of the organization. He is a serial entrepreneur and, before Forwardly, built and exited multiple successful businesses during his two decades in accounting technology and finance.  
Nick is a co-chair of the BC Tech CEO Scale C-Council, a regular contributor to the Forbes Finance Council, and has been an expert judge for multiple awards, including the US Fintech Awards, American Business Awards, Globee Awards, and FinTech MassChallenge, among others. Nick has an MBA and BEng and often touches on his education and experience when mentoring other CEOs, and speaking at fintech, business, and accounting events, discussing small business issues, including technology, payments, and lending practices.


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Vikram Pothnis - Fyle - Headshot

Speaker - Alison Ball

VP, Marketing and Communications,

Alison Ball is the VP of Marketing and Communications for Bookkeep. Her passion is to help accountants and bookkeepers to have better days overall.  Before joining Bookkeep in November 2023, Alison led Marketing for Liscio, after spending 15 years leading accountant influencer programs at Intuit. Prior to that she led a team of full charge bookkeepers at a large firm in Santa Cruz, CA.  In her spare time, she grows amazing backyard vegetables and goes on hikes as often as she can. She believes that life is too short to spend it with mean people, and any day she can help someone else be successful is a good day indeed.

Speaker - Vikram Pothnis

Head of Partnerships & Alliances,

Vikram leads Partnerships and Alliances at Fyle. He and the team work with partners to reduce the time and effort required from the process of expense management for both the partners and their clients. He comes with an extensive background of working in high impact roles in areas of partnerships, business development and solution sales. He is a coffee lover with a liking for music and gardening. He is often found reminiscing about the times when traffic was overrated.



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