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Unleash Your Niche: The Good, The Bad & The Oddly Specific

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To niche or not to niche…

Imagine not having to take every client that comes your way. Imagine the confidence when you can clearly tell a prospect they are not a good fit. In a world where you can build your firm to be whatever you want it to be, why be “one-size-fits-all”? Clients are increasingly seeking accounting professionals that cater to their industry’s specific circumstances and challenges.

Every industry has unique workflows, unique trends, and unique problems. By becoming a subject matter expert, you can increase your value by going deep into a specialty, not wide. A niche also allows you to envision your ideal customer and focus on finding them - which might not be as hard as you think. But, where do you start?

Join Rachel Fisch, CPB, CEO of (talk about niche), and the new General Manager of Dext North America, as she dives into the benefits of a niche practice, and how narrowing your focus can increase your ideal client pool.

Selecting a niche focus is one of the best things accounting and bookkeeping firms can do to differentiate, provide high-quality business advice, and supercharge their growth. 

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Meet The Host


Rachel Fisch, CPB

General Manager, Dext North America

Rachel is a community-builder and people-connector who is also the General Manager of Dext North America and CEO of She helps tech companies understand accountants, and helps accountants transform their firms with innovative tech.



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