Get out of the data entry business by embracing AP automation!

If you or your clients manage payables manually - dealing with paper invoices, paper checks, lots of data entry - join us to hear about how you can make things easier and more strategic!

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The Case for Payment Automation

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Join the automation conversation!

You likely have clients all over the spectrum of manual payment processes to automation. 

Some may be still going into the office to print, sign, and mail out checks. 

During this session, we'll be proposing the idea of taking a more active role in your clients' technology journey to help them operate effectively. Then you can focus your time on advising and helping them manage cash flow, instead of working on manual processes that aren't adding strategic value to either business. 

On March 6th, 2024 at 12 pm Eastern, join us for a fireside chat about best practices for bookkeepers incorporating AI/automation into their practice.

Don’t miss it!

Meet The Hosts

Andrew Gauthier_President-Mighty Financial - March 7th 2024 BILL Webinar headshot

Andrew Gauthier

President & CFO Consultant, Mighty Financial

Andrew Gauthier is a dynamic, C-suite executive with significant hands-on financial and operating experience. His expertise has amassed from years of launching and scaling-up businesses globally. He is an investor and advisor of small businesses, impassioned by early-stage ventures, sustainable business models, and healthy unit economics. Andrew helped secure $25M+ of equity and debt capital, leading M&A initiatives from identification of targets through due diligence to post-close integration.

Andrew is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He holds a BS in Accountancy and MS in Taxation from Bentley University where he minored in Law and completed coursework in computer science and entrepreneurship. Andrew served as Treasurer of The Chesterbrook Community Foundation.

AJ Virostek - March 7th BILL Webinar headshot

AJ Virostek

Senior Partner Manager, BILL

AJ has spent the last ten years working with clients and firms of various sizes, from sole proprietorships all the way up to Fortune 100 companies, to help streamline their business processes with mission critical business applications. He enjoys learning about organizations' unique challenges and leverages his knowledge and resources to solve for growth.


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