EP283: Beth Blaney - How To Empower Yourself To Achieve Your Bookkeeping Business Dreams

“I don’t have to take this client. I get to choose who I want to work with. And who is going to be a good fit for my business.”

-Beth Blaney

We all want to build a better life for ourselves, one that gives us the freedom and flexibility to live the way we want to.

When you live authentically, you generate authenticity in others. So much time is wasted chasing clients that aren’t the right fit or trying to change ourselves to fit molds we weren’t made for. If you are tired of feeling guilty about balancing your obligations, this is the episode for you.

Beth Blaney, owner of BBA Bookkeeping, talks about her experiences breaking the mold, escaping traditional ideas of what a bookkeeper looks and sounds like, to create an incredibly successful business. Her message is one of empowerment, of being authentically you, and chasing your dreams.

During this interview, you'll learn…

  • How the right support systems can make or break your business
  • How to empower yourself to find the right niche & clients for you
  • The importance of liking what you do & putting the work in

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Time Stamps

2:25 - Beth reflects on her bookkeeping journey

9:10 - Recognizing when it’s time to grow

11:10 - Finding the right niche

15:20 - The struggles & breakthroughs

20:15 - Making the most of your natural talents

25:45 - Overcoming areas of challenge

27:15 - The journey to Accelerate 2 Advisor

33:30 - The benefits of Pure Bookkeeping

36:30 - Balancing work & personal responsibilities

43:00 - Manifesting destiny! 

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