EP193: Femke Hogema – How To Become A High-Priced Advisor

Asking the right question is more valuable than giving the right answer.

That’s according to today’s guest, where she believes that providing the answers too quickly is just solving the obvious and short-term problem.

What the client needs is a long-term solution.

Femke Hogema is the founder of Healthy Finance and the author of the bestselling book, The Profit Advisor: The new role of accountants and bookkeepers.

She passionately believes that you can only have a successful company if you have a grip on figures yourself.

Her passion for finance and communication allows her to speak and write about finance in a clear and fascinating way.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • The practical steps that you can take to do a high value and high-priced advisory role
  • The advantage of focusing on delivering results and practicing the L.S.A. process
  • Why bookkeepers should help their clients do their administrative bookkeeping related work at least 30 minutes per week

To learn more about Femke, here’s her website

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To buy her book, The Profit Advisor, go here.

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