4 Ways to Attract Ideal Clients for Your Bookkeeping Business

A Better Way to Attract Clients

It can be a challenge to get a steady stream of clients in your bookkeeping business, let alone get your ideal clients. But it doesn't have to be impossible.

Sales is the lifeblood of a business. Without it, a business can't exist. And for service providers, having a good flow of quality clients makes the difference. That's why you must have a neat and effective strategy in your bookkeeping business that brings in clients like clockwork. Brandi Bernoskie knows that firsthand. You see, Brandi has been running Alchemy + Aim, a website development and business strategy agency, for more than seven years. Her goal is to help leaders and entrepreneurs craft custom websites to enhance the client experience.

She had the opportunity to get into blogging in the early days. But what made her stand out in a highly-competitive market over the years was her approach to building websites - it was very different from other developers out there. This allowed her to grow and attract amazing clients. Brandi actually had a theatre major in college, and she believes that this training helped her understand other people's motivations. Armed with this knowledge, she was able to attract clients in a better way.

According to Brandi, it's very easy to get lost in magic pills and ideal funnels that are supposed to always work. But you just need to be intentional about what you're building in your business. Because of this philosophy, she decided not to run Facebook ads for her business from the get-go. Most times, clients come to her through referrals. It’s a risky decision… but it paid off massively for her.

As a website developer, Brandi recognizes that attracting the right kind of clients is not about building or rebranding a website. Rather, it’s about knowing who your clients are, what they need, and how to attract them. Brandi’s philosophy is one you should adapt to grow your bookkeeping business to new heights. And in this article, you’ll discover the four steps you need to follow if you want to attract your ideal clients.

The 4 Steps

Yes, you can start attracting high-paying clients and getting more referrals than you can barely handle. And Brandi has been kind enough to share her four-step process in doing just that.

Step #1. Identify Your Ideal Clients

There's nothing wrong with experimenting early on in your bookkeeping business and taking on different types of clients. After all, you may not perfectly know who your ideal client is until you start working with some people. One of the best ways to find out who your ideal client is is to experiment. And Brandi suggests working with three clients in different niches.

She mentioned that there are times people will come to her and say they just started a new business and they need a website. So, Brandi will ask what their client base is and they'd reply, “Oh, I haven't worked with anyone yet.” She will then tell those clients that this is not the time to build a website - this is the time to get three clients and start working with them.


That experience alone will help them know what's working, what doesn't, and what industries they're interested in. And the same is true for you.

Step #2. Determine Your Ideal Clients' Biggest Emotional Block

Brandi believes that you must get clear on who you're talking to. And thinking about the problems they're having is very crucial. That means:

  • Understanding how they articulate and feel about it
  • Finding out the biggest emotional blocks they're experiencing
  • Knowing how to guide them from where they are and where they want to be.
  • Communicating your perspective to them and all of that

Needless to say, you have to understand your client and their problems more than they do. When you pay attention to your clients and understand them, they'll tend to trust you and say, “yes” in their minds. They’ll believe you have understood them and have a solution to their problems. More importantly, they’ll understand that only you can help them sort and solve their problems or bring their vision to life. 

Step #3. Realign Your Website’s Messaging

Realigning and optimizing your website’s message should be your topmost priority. It will be harmful if a potential client accesses your bookkeeping business’s website and exits immediately. And Brandi said that that will happen if you can't communicate your values in a way they'll understand. 

On that note, here are three things you need to do to optimize your messaging:

  • Make Sure You Have A Clear CTA

Most people are not always ready to make a decision or take action. Having a clear CTA will persuade the client to take the required action.

  • Make Sure Your Copy Speaks Your Ideal Clients’ Language

Doctors have their own communication terminology, and the same is true in the bookkeeping world. There are also terms that only someone with bookkeeping knowledge will understand. So, you should talk to your ideal clients in a way they will most likely comprehend. Talk in your ideal client's language.

  • Make Sure Your Copy Lets Ideal Clients Know You Understand Their Pain

The goal is for your website visitors to say “Oh, my gosh, this person understands me. They know me, they're inside my head. This is amazing. They have the solution.” Empathy is key, and your ideal clients have to feel it from you.

Step #4. Bring In a Specialist to Improve Functionality and Design

Brandi stressed that your bookkeeping business’s website’s functionality and design also matter. So, don't make the mistake of looking for just anyone to create or optimize your website for you - it's not advisable. Hiring someone who doesn't know what they're doing could mess things up big time. 

If you want your website to run smoothly, look for a specialist to improve it. Remember, the functionality and design from the backend to the frontend are very important. According to Brandi, a good website should have a good design, good copy, and be functioning with good speed. This will attract the clients you want to work with to your door.

Start Bringing in Your Ideal Clients

As Brandi showed us, identifying your ideal clients is important if you want them to do business with you. And the key is to understand their hopes and vision and let them know that you understand them.

Having a great website also is crucial. That’s why it’s important to realign your website’s message, making sure you talk to your ideal clients in a way that they will understand and feel at ease that you have the solution they need. But you can only do that when you learn how to talk to your ideal client and make them desire your service. If you manage to do just that, there’s no stopping you from getting a steady stream of your ideal clients.

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