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EP108: Roger Pierce – How To Stand Out With Content Marketing

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For busy business owners, writing blog articles is a hassle.

Writing business blogs can be time-consuming, expensive and tricky if you don’t know what small business owners want to read.

Our guest is one of Canada's top startup experts and he will help you get a fresh box of professionally written expert small business articles ready to post to your blog, newsletter, and social media channels.

Roger Pierce is passionate about helping people to start a small business. While creating and running 14 small businesses during the past 20 years, he learned first-hand what new business owners need to do to succeed.

Today, he focuses on one of his companies, which is used by bookkeepers and accountants to make their content marketing easier and more relevant.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • What is content marketing

  • How it will help your bookkeeping business

  • Different marketing strategies that can positively impact your profitability

To learn more about Roger Pierce, visit here.

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